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Kastellia is a semi - mountainous village situated at the Fokida prefecture, it belongs to the Municipality of Delphi and it lies approximately 194 kilometers west of Athens.

Being on the border of the Fokida Prefecture and the Fthiotida Prefecture, Kastellia is located equal distance between the capital cities of the two prefectures, Amfissa (35 kilometers away) and Lamia (40 kilometers away) respectively.

Its elevation is 450 meters and its area size is 37.468 acres.

Kastellia is the center of Ancient Dorida and is located in the center of Doriki Tetrapolis of the Metropolis of Dorieon (Kitinio - Erineo - Voio and Pindos or Akifantos). For more details of the history of our village, please visit the History section of the Kastellia Portal.

If you are wondering how to get to Kastellia, please visit the Directions - Accomodation section of the Kastellia Portal.

Satellite tour to our village

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For the complete set of pictures, as well as sounds and videos of our village, we refer you to the Pictures and Sounds page.


Year Population Comments
1889* 755 98 in Chlomos
1920* 1025 91 in Chlomos
1928 1066
1940 1078
1951 874
1961 827
1971 779
1981 770
1991 779
2001 689

'*': During this year, the "Chlomos" region of Kastellia used to be a separate village