Directions coming from Southern Greece

Take the "Athens - Lamia - Thessaloniki" national highway towards "Lamia" ("Thessaloniki"). You will drive past "Iliki" lake and you will reach "Kastro". From that point on you can choose to follow one of 2 alternate routes. Either by continuing on the national road or exiting at "Kastro" and going from "Orchomenos". The latter is a bit trickier to follow but it is certainly worth the effort since it is a more scenic route through traditional beautiful villages where you can briefly stop and enjoy a refreshment and the crystal waters of their springs. You can talk to warm, hospitable and friendly locals, drink a "tsipouro" (alcohol drink like ouzo) with them and enjoy all beauties and scents of nature.

In case you follow the first route, continue on the national highway, drive past "Ag. Konstantinos", "Kammena Vourla" and "Thermopiles" after which you will find a sign (pointing left) for "Amfissa" (and "Patra"). Make a left. This road is going to lead you to climb mount "Kallidromo" and then the road will continue climbing down the mountain from the other side. You will drive past "Bralos" village and soon you will notice a sign "Kastellia". You are there!

If you choose to follow the second route, exit the national road at "Kastro". Drive past "Orchomenos" (unless you want to enjoy warm bread, tiropita, spanakopita and other delicious food at the main bakery in which case we are proposing that you make a stop at "Orchomenos") and you will end up at an intersection leading you to "Livadia" on the left and "Atalanti" on the right. Make a right towards "Atalanti". Drive past "Ag. Paraskevi" village and at the next main intersection you find (straight goes to "Atalanti"), do not follow the road to "Atalanti" but make a left instead. You will then drive through the historical village of "Cheronia" with the huge lion statue and then you will find "Kato Tithorea". Continue driving and you will find "Amfiklia" ("Dadi" for the locals). After "Amfiklia" you will find another intersection which leads you left to "Polidroso" ("Souvala" for the locals) and "Bralos"/"Lamia" straight. You can go either way. We propose you make a left towards the beautiful village of "Polidroso". After you go through "Polidroso", the next village is "Lilea" ("Kato Agoriani" for the locals) where you will find a small pond at the end of the village and you can take a rest and freshen up. Next village is "Mariolata" where you will notice that all the houses of the village "hang" from both sides of the road (kind of like the "Far West"). Past "Mariolata" you will find the historical village of "Gravia" which used to be the capital of the municipality of Gravia (prior to the Kallikratis plan). Drive past the police building and make a right at the next intersection (towards "Lamia"). You will then soon find a sign pointing you left to "Kastellia". You are there!

Enjoy your stay!

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