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5/12/2019 The latest issue (268 - Jul-Sep 2016) of Kastelliotika Nea is now available at and
10/10/2019 The missing issues have been added to the archive of Kastelliotika Nea is now available at and
10/8/2018 The missing issues have been added to the archive of Kastelliotika Nea is now available at and
24/5/2016 The latest issue (254 - Jan-Mar 2016) of Kastelliotika Nea is now available at and
30/1/2016 The latest issue (252 - Apr-Sep 2015) of Kastelliotika Nea is now available at and
22/5/2015 The latest issue (250 - Jan-Mar 2015) of Kastelliotika Nea is now available at and
19/5/2015 The general assembly of the Kastellia progressive association will take place on Friday June 5, 2015
19/5/2015 All 2014 Kastelliotika Nea issues available at and
1/5/2014 Kastelliotes at Alefanto on Sunday May 4, 2014 at 11am
27/4/2014 The latest Kastelliotika Nea publication (Issue 245 - Oct-Dec 2013) at and
8/3/2014 Results and awards for the 3rd literature competition «Stelios Ksefloudas» with the theme «Tobacco»
15/12/2013 The latest Kastelliotika Nea publication (Issue 244 - Jul-Sep 2013) at and
18/11/2013 Infromational gathering regarding the creation of a collaborative corporation of our village
10/9/2013 The latest Kastelliotika Nea publication (Issue 243 - Apr-Jun 2013) at and
5/8/2013 Summer events in Kastellia - August 2013
5/8/2013 Dramatic reach out from the Progressive Association Ta Kastellia for the continuation of the newspaper publication
10/6/2013 The latest Kastelliotika Nea publication (Issue 242 - Jan-Mar 2013) at and
6/6/2013 Event at Kastellia for the support of Kostas Skopas
1/5/2013 Book presentation at Kastellia during Easter
26/4/2013 Kastellia people gathering at Kastellia on 7/5/2013
26/4/2013 Documents of Mr. Dimitris Bakas with respect to the surface mining activities
10/4/2013 General assembly for our Association on 14/4/2013 in Athens
1/4/2013 The testimony of Mr. Dimitrios Bakas in front of the Delphi municipality board on 29-3-2013
28/3/2013 Voting of the peopele of Kastellia after the 23/03/2013 meeting
22/3/2013 Signature collection and next meeting at the village tomorrow Saturday 22/03/2013
14/3/2013 News bulletin form the committee of the people from Kastellia set during the 9.3.2013 gathering
13/3/2013 Sign online the petition of the people of Kastellia regarding mining operations after the village meeting of 9/3/2013
13/3/2013 The reversal of the decision to initiate minining operations at Alefanto location
12/3/2013 Paraskevi Grammatikou Notopoulou, the wife of our Progressive Association `Ta Kastellia` president, has passed away
11/3/2013 Urgent announcement of the committee which was formed after the 9/3/2013 gathering
10/3/2013 Vote of the Kastellia residents after the 9/3/2013 gathering regarding the mining operations
22/2/2013 The most recent Kastelliotika Nea publication (241 - Jul=Dec 2012) available at
21/2/2013 Paths of Oiti
18/2/2013 Our beloved Vassilis Lefkaditis left us recently
18/2/2013 One special Kastelliotiko night...
8/2/2013 More presents for our Saturday event
8/2/2013 The list of the young Kastelliotes being honored on 09-02-2013
7/2/2013 Animal rights and civilization based on a recent sad event in our village
7/2/2013 Gifts for the Saturday event
24/1/2013 Event at the Amfikleia high school
8/1/2013 Download the 12 mystery novels which won a prize at the second literature competition `Crime in the village`
24/12/2012 New years celebration for the Cultural Association `Ta Kastellia`
18/12/2012 Marriage of Mr. Vassilis Karaklioumis
15/12/2012 Third literature contest `Stelios Ksefloudas`
12/11/2012 Documents related to the mineries
30/10/2012 Alexander P. Papanikolaou, honorary chief of Air Force passed away today
12/10/2012 The latest Kastelliotika Nea issue #240 (Jul-Sep 2012) is now available at and at
4/9/2012 Kosta Stoforos got elected in the Board of the Union of periodical and electronic press
20/8/2012 Marriage of Dimos Spyridakis and Christina-Theodora Sfika and baptasing of their son
9/8/2012 Summer 2012 at Kastellia - Cultural association schedule
9/8/2012 KTEL routes to Lamia
3/8/2012 Voluntary blood drive at Kastellia (Aug 4, 2012)
24/7/2012  The latest Kastelliotika Nea issue (#239, Apr-Jun 2012) now available at
18/7/2012 Kastellia - 25 Years for the cultural association - 2 day music festival on 24-25/8 with well known artists
5/7/2012 New area in with rare music recordings from the Kastellia music tradition
4/7/2012 Delphi Musical Gatherings: Camerata Junior & Friends concert at 14/7/2012
27/6/2012 Developments regarding Mr. Dimitris Mpakas accusation towards the mine companies
17/6/2012 2nd round (June) election results at Kastellia
6/6/2012 June 26, 2012: Kastellia get together in Athens
28/5/2012 The Kastelliotika Nea website is as of now LIVE!
28/5/2012 Regarding the publication of the stories from the 2nd literature contest Stelios Ksefloudas
6/5/2012 Results of the 2012 elections in Kastellia
23/4/2012 Fairytales at Kastellia
2/4/2012 The latest Kastelliotika Nea issue (#238, Jan-Mar 2012) now available at
7/3/2012 Letter from the parents, students and teachers of the Delphi Gymnasium school
6/3/2012 The progressive association `Ta Kastellia` invites you on Monday after Easter (April 16, 2012) at 11am at the Kastellia Elementary School
6/3/2012 Lawsuit of Mr. Dimitrios Bakas related to the mining activities on the mountains close to Kastellia
23/2/2012 The latest Kastelliotika Nea issue (#237, Oct-Dec2011) now available at
18/2/2012 Addition of 3 more videos at
18/2/2012 Creation of the YouTube channel
16/2/2012 The list of all new Kastelliotes receiving an award on 17-02-2012
15/2/2012 Invitation to the news year pie and new university entry awards for the Progressive Association `Ta Kastellia` (17/2/2012)
12/12/2011 The magic cards: Delivery and... user's manual
11/12/2011 The awards for the 'Crime in the village'
30/11/2011 Official announcement of the awards celebration taking place on Friday and announcement of participating names to the contest
29/11/2011 We are expecting you all this Friday (Dec 2nd, 2011) to our 2nd literature contest awards celebration
16/11/2011 Dorida municipality - Public consultation for phase A of its business program
16/11/2011 The latest Kastelliotika Nea issue (#236, Jul-Sep2011) now available at
10/11/2011 Crime in the village: The awards will be presented on December 2nd 2011
8/11/2011 Buyout of S&B Bauxite from Mytilinaios corporation
26/10/2011 Health Volunteering Organization for the Fokida Prefecture
26/10/2011 Prefecture of Sterea Ellada press release for snow plowing
26/10/2011 Green light granted for the ancient theater of Delphi
26/10/2011 The Second Literature Competition Stelios Xefloudas is at its last phase of assigning the awards
12/9/2011 School year begins at Municipality of Dorida
12/9/2011 New municipality rules of Dorida Municipality
12/9/2011 Municipality of Dorida elected members at P.E.D.
30/8/2011 Addition of new page with title "Music Tradition of Kastellia'
29/7/2011 Fairytale August in Fokida
21/7/2011 The old water supply system will stop working at the end of July. Plan accordingly to connect to the new system
17/7/2011 Suing of Mr. Panagiotis Makris towards all responsible for the destruction of Tsouka
17/7/2011 Cultural Association of Stromi event on August 13th 2011
14/7/2011 Read the latest Kastelliotika Nea issue (#235, Apr-Jun 2011) at
14/7/2011 2009-2010 reports for the Progressive Association 'Ta Kastellia'
14/7/2011 Application for the Progressive Association to take part of the municipality of Delphi public consultation
13/7/2011 Christening of George Ch. Chalatsas at Kastellia
24/6/2011 Dangerous mining activity at Kastellia
25/5/2011 Read 2 new nostalgic stories in the `Giorgis Halatsas` nostalgic stories area of
25/5/2011 Results from the general assembly and the elections for the Progressive Association Ta Kastellia
19/5/2011 General assembly and elections for the progressive association `Ta Kastellia` on Sunday 22nd of May at 10:30am
3/5/2011 Air baloons over Kastellia
21/4/2011 «Back to the village – Ten stories which stood out»: Presentation at Athens (May 3 2011)
1/4/2011 The new Kastelliotika Nea issue (issue #234 Jan-Mar 2011) is available at
1/4/2011 They stole 2 tons of meet from Gravia!
29/3/2011 «Back to the village – Ten stories which stood out»: Presentation at Thessaloniki
29/3/2011 Presentation for the book 'Back to the viallge' @Rouf
8/3/2011 Kostas Stoforos book presentation
28/2/2011 The sucessful prize awarding ceremony for new students from Kastellia and new year's celebration took place on Friday
24/2/2011 Invitation to the awarding of the young Kastelliotes on 25/2/2011
21/2/2011 Back to the village - The 10 stories which made a difference
21/2/2011 Benginning of classes for the school of parents in Fokida
11/2/2011 Major concern for progressive association 'Ta Kastellia' regaring mining activities at Gkiona and Kastellia
19/1/2011 The new Kastelliotika Nea issue (issue #233 Oct-Dec 2010) is available at
19/1/2011 The judging comittee for the 2nd Stelios Kesfloudas literature contest
18/1/2011 Party at the Black Cat (Thursday 20, 2011)!
18/1/2011 Book printing with the 10 award winning stories from the 1st Stelios Ksefloudas literature competition
18/1/2011 Call for submissions at the 2ns 'Stelios Ksefloudas' literature competition
24/12/2010 Season's Greeting with the new newsletter issue (#7) of
13/12/2010 Announcement for the 2nd 'Stelios Ksefloudas' literature competition
11/12/2010 Αrticle of Kostas Stoforos in the newspaper 'Road of the left' concerning Giorgis Halatsas
1/12/2010 Invitation to the presentation of the latest book of A. Kakaras 'The list of the show maker'
30/11/2010 Press release for the recent literature competition from the Progressive Association 'Ta Kastellia'
27/11/2010 Great success for the event of the awards ceremony for the 'Stelios Ksefloudas' literature competition
19/11/2010 Invitation to the prize awards for the 'Stelios Ksefloudas' literature competition
19/11/2010 Maria Karaklioumi recently elected assitant Prefecture leader of the south sector of Attiki
19/11/2010 The new nostalgic story is devotes to the memory of Giorgis Halatsas
11/11/2010 Mr. Nikolaos Fousekis is the new mair of the municipality of Delphi
9/11/2010 The new Kastelliotika Nea issue (issue #232 Jul-Sep 2010) is available at
8/11/2010 1st round results for the municipality elections 2010 for municiplaity of Delphi
3/11/2010 Read the 2 new nostalgic stories at
2/11/2010 We would like to cordially thank Domaine Spyropoulos for their grant regarind our upcoming event
16/10/2010 New nostalgic story at
6/10/2010 The prizes for the first literature contest 'Stelios Ksefloudas'
30/9/2010 Stay tuned for the results of the 'Stelios Ksefloudas' literature competition
25/8/2010 What is happening yet again with the water at Kastellia?
25/8/2010 Three new street development projects to be assigned from the prefecture of Fokida
9/8/2010 The new Kastelliotika Nea publication (Pub. 231 – April-June 2010) at
25/7/2010 Socratis Malamas at Kastellia on August 18th
19/7/2010 RSS feed from
12/7/2010 9th Festival 'Forrest sounds' - Schedule
28/6/2010 The laywer and writer Giorgos Chalatsas passed away
18/6/2010 Stelios Ksefloudas: The big unknown
11/6/2010 The elite beach soccer national team will be present for the 4th Panhellenic soccer tournament 'Ksenofanis the Amfisseefs'
8/6/2010 PAN-KASTELLIA MEETING on June 26th at Kastellia
8/6/2010 Kostas Stoforos new book (20 chef, 11 moms and I) got released
8/6/2010 Painiting exhibition by Panos Eleftheriou from June 16th until June 23rd at Piraeus
25/5/2010 'Thrace - Pontos - Mikra Asia' event from the Fokida Studies Company
18/5/2010 9th Festival 'The sounds of the forest'
16/5/2010 Kastellia and the new 'Kallikratis' municipalities plan
24/4/2010 The participant list for the first literature contest `Stelios Ksefloudas`
23/4/2010 news regarding the literature contest of teh Progressive Association `Ta Kastellia`
22/4/2010 New projects of the Fokida prefecture
31/3/2010 Happy Easter!
31/3/2010 Τhe latest Kastelliotika Nea publication (Pub. 230) at
27/3/2010 The Kastellia party at Athens has great success
19/3/2010 Pine trees Larva remedy
14/3/2010 The Fokida prefecture is continuing the programme of the agricultural electricitization
10/3/2010 The deadline for submitting your script for the 1st literature contest 'Stelios Ksefloudas' is approaching (31st of March)
9/2/2010 Kastelliotes Party at 18/03/2010!
3/2/2010 Blood cleansing units in Fokida prefecture
3/2/2010 Aggelos Sertis and Kyriaki Hokmetidou marriage
3/2/2010 KPE Amfissas as center of prefecture press
17/1/2010 New year's cake and new Kastelliotes AEI and TEI student awards
17/1/2010 Τhe latest Kastelliotika Nea publication (Pub. 229) at
16/1/2010 Roumeliotes of Nea Ionia union new year's cake event
11/1/2010 Mariolata re-forestation
4/1/2010 Happy New Year!
5/12/2009 Kostas Stoforos presenting his book at the Spiritual Center of Roumeliotes on 6/12/2009
29/11/2009 Christmas recipes from Kastellia
28/11/2009 Photos from the event in Porto Kagio
25/11/2009 Kostas Stoforos presenting his book in Itea on 29/11
14/11/2009 Fokida at year 1787
14/11/2009 Τhe latest Kastelliotika Nea publication (Pub. 228) at
13/11/2009 The recent Kastellia outing had a big success
8/11/2009 The main problems citizensare facing in the municipalities of Gravia and Parnassos
8/11/2009 Kastellia outing on 11/11/2009 in Athens!
14/10/2009 The new board of the women's association of Kastellia
9/10/2009 Thank you note from the newly elected parliamnet representative of Fokida, Aphrodite Papathanassi
7/10/2009 Results of the women association of Kastellia elections
7/10/2009 The progressive association 'Ta Kastellia' is organizing a new get together for Kastelliotes and friends of Kastellia
7/10/2009 What did Kastelliotes vote for in the National Elections of October of 2009
5/10/2009 National elections results 2009 for the municipality of Gravia
26/9/2009 The progressive association 'Ta Kastellia' is announcing the first literature contest 'Stelios Ksefloudas'
13/9/2009 Extension for the deadline of the application submission for the Youth and Women Enterpreneurship program
13/9/2009 Examinations for the state language diplomas
28/8/2009 'Exintavelonis... Dream' at the municipality of Galaxidi
29/7/2009 Τhe latest Kastelliotika Nea publication (Pub. 227 - April-June 2009) at
27/7/2009 1st Race 'Itea-Tritea' in Fokida on 25 and 26 July 2009
27/7/2009 Another stance for the mining industry in Gkiona - Announcement from the Fokida association of drivers
19/6/2009 Big success for the get to know us party organized by Kastelliotika Nea
18/6/2009 Letter from laywer Mr. Nikolaos Skoulikis concerning the water issue
18/6/2009 Citizens Movement 'MALIAKOS SOS' - Protest
18/6/2009 Meeting of deputy Minister of Development Mr. Bougas with the new board of the mininig companies association
17/6/2009 More on the water issue... (Law 1739 and a letter from Lawyer Mr. Halatsas to the Mair of Gravia)
16/6/2009 Invitation to the book presentation of Mr. Thanaassis Stamatelos
16/6/2009 Dimitris Andritsopoulos and his wife Eleftheria Maragkaki had their baby daughter
10/6/2009 Party organized by the newspaper 'Kastelliotika Nea'
10/6/2009 Letter from Mair of Gravia to Kastelliotika Nea concerning the water issue
3/6/2009 About the water issue - Court decisions and documents
26/5/2009 The movement for the savior of Gkiona mountain is organizing a concert at NTUA for support to Stefanos Kollias
26/5/2009 Nea Ionia Roumeliotes association invitation
22/5/2009 'Forest Sounds' 2009
21/5/2009 First board meeting and structure of the new board of the 'Ta Kastellia' Progressive Association
20/5/2009 A special poet from Kastellia
16/5/2009 Read the new entertaining nostalgic story of Kostas Stoforos at
11/5/2009 Rumors concerning the water of our village (the nightmare returns?)
11/5/2009 General assembly occurance for the Progressive Association 'Ta Kastellia'
6/5/2009 Speech of Mr. I. Bougas, deputy minister of Development, at the Fokida Chamber - Entrepreneurship Development opportunities in Fokida
4/5/2009 The Progressive Association 'Kastellia' is inviting its members for its annual member meeting
28/4/2009 Beautiful photos from Kastellia and the surrounding area
28/4/2009 Kostas Stoforos presents his new book in Amfissa
28/4/2009 Mr.Triantafyllos Eleftheriou is participating at a group painting exposition at 'Pi' in Gkazi
25/4/2009 2 new videos and many new pictures of Kastellia at
14/4/2009 Happy Easter!
11/4/2009 Τhe latest Kastelliotika Nea publication (Pub. 226 - January-March 2009) at
6/4/2009 Skai TV (video) story regarding the arson of the house of Mr. Stefanos Kollias
6/4/2009 Gathering at Kaloskopi (on 5/4/2009) and voting
3/4/2009 Giannis Malevitsis newborn daughter
3/4/2009 PASOK announcement regarding the arson of the house of Mr. Stefanos Kollias in Kaloskopi
2/4/2009 Kathimerini and Eleftherotipia newspaper articles regarding the arson of Mr. Stefanos Kollias in Kalloskopi
31/3/2009 Invitation from the Roumeliotes Union of Nea Ionia to an honorary event for the teacher of Roumeli
30/3/2009 Kastellia Women's Association Website
30/3/2009 Mr. Stefanos Kollias house in Kaloskopi was burnt down last night
27/3/2009 Article published in Proto Thema on march 15, 2009 concerning the destruction of the Gkiona mountain
25/3/2009 CHRONIA POLLA!
19/3/2009 Admire the beauty of Gkiona mountain
16/3/2009 Opposition for mining activities on Gkiona mountain (Kallieon Municipality letter)
16/3/2009 Yahoo group for the Movement of the protection of Gkiona mountain
5/3/2009 Invitation from the Roumeliotes Union of Nea Ionia to honor women (8/3/2009)
5/3/2009 Invitation for the presentation of Kostas Stoforos books at the 14th Elementary School of Chalandri
2/3/2009 Happy Sarakosti to everyone!
23/2/2009 2nd Mountain Race
10/2/2009 Question to and Answer from the Minster concerning the arson of a member of an ecological group in Gkiona
10/2/2009 was awarded an honorable plaque during the New Year's event of the progressive association - Ta Kastellia -
8/2/2009 Costas Stoforos new book presentation in Lamia
29/1/2009 Kastelliotes new student awards and new years celebration on February 6, 2009
15/1/2009 Invitation for the New Year celebration of the Roumeliotes Union of Nea Ionia on 25/1/2009
15/1/2009 Kostas Stoforos will be presenting his new book in Lamia on 6/2/2009
7/1/2009 Τhe latest Kastelliotika Nea publication (Pub. 225 - October-December 2008) at
22/12/2008 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
12/12/2008 The book of our community member Costas Stoforos made it to the Best Sellers list
25/11/2008 Μεταλλεία στη Γκιώνα - Συνάντηση των χωριών της Βορειοανατολικής Γκιώνας στον Αποστολιά στις 14 Δεκεμβρίου 2008
19/11/2008 Satellite Kastellia virtual tour at
22/10/2008 Τhe newest Kastelliotika Nea publication (Pub. 224 - July-September June 2008) at
19/10/2008 Kostas Stoforos will be presenting his new book in Chalandri on 30/10/2008
25/9/2008 Parnassos Mountain Bike Festival at September 26, 27 and 28, 2008
19/9/2008 The lovers of prefa - Article in the 14/08/2008 issue of newspaper TA NEA
9/9/2008 Release of the latest book of our fellow community member Costas Stoforos
25/8/2008 Video additions to
7/8/2008 Enjoy the summer!
21/7/2008 Τhe newest Kastelliotika Nea publication (Pub. 223 - April-June 2008) at
18/7/2008 «Forrest Sounds 2008» Festival on July 25, 26 and 27 (Holy Trinity of Kaloskopi Fokidas)
14/7/2008 Train collision at Bralos
1/7/2008 Concert organization at the School (5/7/2008 - 9:00pm) with Kana, Kalimeri and Peridis
23/6/2008 The digitization of the entire Kastelliotika Nea archive is implemented and made available by!
22/6/2008 message: Sign the petition for the metal mines of the mountain of Oiti
19/6/2008 Major update of the history page of the village in
19/6/2008 Construction of a new area with old pictures of the village in
22/5/2008 Kostas Stoforos will be presenting his book in Thessaloniki and Volos
6/5/2008 Exposure for Kastellia nearby villages from
5/5/2008 New nostalgic story published at (provided by Kostas Stoforos)
22/4/2008 Happy Easter!
15/4/2008 Someone has been poisoning the village dogs!
30/3/2008 Congratulations for our fellow community member Maria Karaklioumi
19/3/2008 Fast recuperation for our fellow community member Maria Karaklioumi
25/2/2008 Kastellia in Facebook
23/2/2008 The water problem of our village finally solved!
16/9/2007 2007 Elections Results
10/8/2007 1st Prefa contest in Kastellia on August 14th 2007
19/5/2007 Environment march at the Oiti mountain on 27/05/2007
7/5/2007 covered at the Kastelliotika Nea newspaper (Jan - Feb - Mar 2007 issue)
4/4/2007 HAPPY EASTER!
9/3/2007 Eleni Malevitsi (daughter of Maria Makri) had her twin sons
15/2/2007 Happy pro-Easter season to everone
1/1/2007 HAPPY NEW YEAR!
2/11/2006 was picked as the site of the day for the OTEnet portal
15/10/2006 Learn the election results LIVE
14/10/2006 Find out where you vote!
13/10/2006 Developmental projects in Fokida - ski centre in Vardousia mountains
12/10/2006 From now on in English as well!
6/10/2006 Newly published Nostalgic Stories
28/8/2006 New "What's new" service offering
8/8/2006 New Small Ads and Real Estate service offerings from
4/7/2006 Enjoy the summer! Visit our beautiful village of Kastellia!
20/5/2006 Athanassios Arsenos had his second daughter
16/4/2006 HAPPY EASTER!
18/3/2006 The 2006 Annual Kastellia Ball was a big success
14/3/2006 New serice offering (Nameday service) by
13/3/2006 Invitation to the Kastellia Annual Ball
27/2/2006 Kastellia at
1/1/2006 HAPPY NEW YEAR!
15/10/2005 Antonis Kotsikis (Panagioti) and Georgias Michailidou marriage
21/8/2005 Come to the Kastellia August Festival ("Panigiri")
20/8/2005 Huge success for our village youth feast!
15/8/2005 Father Charalambos retires
5/8/2005 Official launch for the The Kastellia (of Fokida prefecture) Portal