Bus Schedules (KTEL)

Directions - Accomodation

If you wish to use the Bus (KTEL) and you are coming from any prefecture but "Fokida" or "Fthiotida", then you will find out that the train is an easier and better way for you to choose to come to "Kastellia". This is because if you are coming from any other prefecture you have to first take a bus to "Amfissa" or "Lamia" first and then take the "Amfissa" - "Lamia" - "Thessaloniki" bus or any other local bus to get to "Gravia" (of Fokida) (some local buses do go through our village but you have to ask ehich ones they are) and then you have to take another means of transportation (e.g. local bus or taxi) to get to "Kastellia".

From this page we used to re-direct you to the official KTEL site but due to a temporary unavailability of their service, and in order to provide you with all the help we can, we are offering you the ability to navigate to the relevant KTEL page of mykosmos.gr in order for you to find the information you seek.


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