Directions - Accomodation


Being semi - mountainous, our village is easily approachable by:

Greek Map
Greek Map

If you choose to come to the village using your vehicle then you would need directions if you are coming from:

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The Kastellia Community Hostel

"Kastellia" offers accomodation at the community Hostel. The Hostel is located where the community office building used to be and offers 5 double rooms with bathroom as well as a common kitchen.

Room availability information: Mr. Ioannis Spiridakis (22650 91272).

Kletsas estate

Kletsas estate

The "Kletsas estate" is a luxurious complex which combines the traditional elements with the classic and modern styles. The estate is build in the middle of a beautiful scenery, overlooking the mountains of Parnassos, Gkiona and Vardoussia.

Kletsas estate

You can find more information at the Kletsas estate web page (Greek only) or at 22650 91800-801.

"Milias Camps Village" Hostel

Approximately 4 kilometers outside of "Kastellia" (in the area between "Gravia" and "Mariolata" villages) you will find the "Milias Camps Village" hostel. The hostel is a complex of little houses built from wood and stone you can rent. Some of the other amenities it offers include a breakfast room, playroom, ping-pong, reception, kitchen, a pool and an artificial rock climbing area.

Milias Camps Village

You can find more information at the "Milias Camps Village" web page (Greek only) or at 22650 91620.